Spilling the Beans – Café Start-up 101

Spilling the Beans – Café Start-up 101

‘SPILLING THE BEANS - Save money, time and stress when starting your cafe’

Author: Ben Coyle - The Cafe Guy

As the Australian Government looks toward building small business as the key to economic stability, thousand of them will go bust over the next few years.

The same can be said of cafés, the very places where many people do business over coffee. Also where we meet friends and family, and we share daily occurrences and life experiences.

Coffee alone is a multi-billion dollar industry, with approximately 30,000 cafes in Australia alone. According to COBAA (the Café Owners and Baristas Association Australia), one sixth of these will be out of business in the next three years.

‘Spilling the Beans’ by Ben Coyle is a new book released on Friday 4th of September, in the inner west of Melbourne.

“I have seen so many cafes change hands or go out of business. So many cafés go out of business for reasons that could have been avoided. I hope this book will save budding café owners some of the lessons I learnt on my journey as a successful café owner.”

“I have spoken with many café owners and operators over the years and many have the same issues day in day out. There is information out there that can help, and I have tried to fit as much as possible into this book.”

Ben Coyle started the Dancing Dog Café in Footscray over 14 years ago in an area that struggled with its identity. Footscray is now a growing and vibrant suburb. Many Melbournians, realising its depth of culture and vicinity to the city are now emigrating across town.

The Dancing Dog Café is now the old kid on the block, and has become part of Footscray’s cultural landscape, having supported the arts and local community groups over its 14 years.

Spilling the Beans is a must read for anyone looking to open a café, and is now available on www.amazon.com or from www.thecafeguy.com.au

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