Right under your nose! – Staffing Tips

Right under your nose! – Staffing Tips

Do you have a great chef who is ever-reliable, loyal and well-trained? One of the biggest challenges affecting the hospitality industry is the task of finding appropriate kitchen staff. The lack of properly educated and trained employees can be a major problem.  The industry needs reliable, loyal, educated and trained employees!  Competition is intensifying more rapidly every day; it must surely be wise for management to implement long-term development and mentoring programs for their staff so that they can stay competitive and maintain good staff!

Often many experienced chefs leave the kitchen to find alternative employment. Low wages, long working hours and excessive discipline are amongst the more common reasons for their decision to quit their jobs.  However, there are 6 important factors that also influence their decision to move on.

  1. staff shortages
  2. excessive workloads
  3. lack of feedback on performance
  4. feelings of being undervalued
  5. insufficient management support
  6. poor communication between staff

The biggest challenge faced by the food and beverage industry is the availability of qualified personnel and motivated employees.  Analyse your current staff… and focus on their abilities and potential..  Could your Head Chef be mentored into a management position? What areas for career development can you offer?

Due to the difficulties in finding qualified and motivated employees and the cost of selecting and training employees, I recommend that Hospitality focus on their current personnel and seek ways to keep their motivation at maximum levels.  Sometimes the best ones are right under your nose!

- Ivanna Agapiou, Eather Recruitment & Labour Hire / QuickStaff / Caffeinated Recruitment

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