Revolutionary Integrated Grinder & Tamper

Revolutionary Integrated Grinder & Tamper

Barista Technology Australia Launches Revolutionary Integrated Grinder and Tamper

Espresso perfection has finally arrived! Revolutionary technology with the potential to reshape the entire coffee industry has already taken the market by storm. CEO Brett Bolwell comments, [quote]“The PuqPress is the world’s first automatic precision coffee tamper that delivers industry proven results. Today’s baristas demand consistently better results and faster service times − this is now possible with the PuqPress.”[/quote]

The advanced grind-on-demand coffee grinder with automatic tamper is the result of a unique collaboration between two industry-leading brands, Puqpress and Mahlkonig. PuqPress is designed, engineered and manufactured in the Netherlands, while Mahlkönig’s home is Germany the brand has been dedicated to leading the coffee industry since 1924.

This incredible culmination offers precision tamping paired with premium on-demand grinding in one single unit.

Staggering results can be attributed to:

  • State-of-the-art coffee technology incorporating:
  • Pressure control
  • Consistent pressure
  • Perfectly flat and level tamping
  • Precision, speed and style every single time
  • Small footprint to fit in small spaces
  • Suitable for K30 Vario Air and Peak Grinder.

Colin Harmon, four-time WBC Finalist and prolific PuqPress user, says, “We are never going back. Better extraction, easy workflow and no more sore arms after busy days.”

An added bonus with the PuqPress means a reduction in tamping-related injuries – so everyone is a winner. Additionally, the introduction of the PuqPress ensures no more inconsistency between baristas.

Reputed brands, such as Campos, Pablo & Rustys along with McDonalds, are using the PuqPress with great success so why not add your name to this list and start to experience espresso perfection?

*Mahlkonig and PuqPress are major sponsors of the prestigious 2017 World Barista Championships.

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