How will becoming a member of COBAA benefit you?

How will becoming a member of COBAA benefit you?

We are all in business for one reason & one reason only – to make money. Of course we love coffee and of course we love our staff & customers, but ultimately it’s all about keeping a roof over our heads & a bigger roof is usually better.

As a result, café owners & baristas tend to spend most of their waking hours in the café, tending to customers, dealing with staff & suppliers, etc, etc – generally ensuring that their “offer” is as good as it can be and that everything runs smoothly.

So, then, how much time do you get to work on the business and not in it? How much time do you get to really assess and analyse your café, your business, to make sure that every aspect of the business is keeping up with best practice. What even is best practice?

That’s where the COBAA can help. COBAA will provide you with valuable insight in to what’s happening in the industry, the trends, who’s doing it well and how you can apply all of this to the benefit of your business.

Don’t forget, growing your business by just 1kg of coffee per week can improve your bottom line by up to $13,000 per year. Sign up to our SPECIAL OFFER OF FREE MEMBERSHIP and you can tap in to a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help you to improve & grow your business.

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