Do you check on what your chef is doing?

Do you check on what your chef is doing?

As a café owner, you certainly have a lot on your plate, but I have one more request…

You need to (read MUST) ask your chef, no matter how skilled, experienced or qualified they are… if they are serving anything to your customers that contain raw eggs!

If they have answered “No”, then look them in the eye AGAIN and ask them “if they are serving ANYTHING to ANY of YOUR customers that contain RAW eggs!”

If your chef answers “YES” initially, or after asking them again, then you need to get them to stop immediately.

Traditionally raw eggs were used by chefs in most kitchens, and unfortunately some of the chefs have not kept up with the times (or have an attitude that “it won’t happen to me”).

You need to explain to your chef that the practices that were OK 15 or 20 years ago are no longer OK

The recent food poisoning outbreak at the Langham Hotel in Melbourne (caused by a raw egg mayonnaise) is but one of many recent food poisoning outbreaks linked to raw eggs.

As a café owner, you may not know each and every recipe that your chef is using, or the methods in which they are preparing your scrumptious café food, but you need to know if they are STILL serving raw eggs.

If they answer “No” then go through the following items and double check. Ask them one by one if raw eggs have been, or are being used to make:

  • Mayonnaise;
  • Aioli;
  • Any other raw egg salad dressings (such as Caesar Salad dressing);
  • Egg Butter (used in Vietnamese Pork Rolls);
  • Beef Tartare;
  • Chocolate mousse;
  • Tira misu;
  • Custard;
  • Deep fried ice cream;
  • Un cooked cheesecake;
  • Biscuit dough (if used raw).

You should also check front of house areas and make sure that eggs aren’t being used in:

  • Eggnog;
  • Milk shakes.

There are many great commercially made real egg mayonnaises available now, or if your chef still wants to make their own dressings, insist that they purchase pasteurised egg yolks (or egg whites if needed). You can purchase fresh pasteurised egg products in bladders. All you need to do is portion them into smaller containers and freeze until they are needed. Your customers won’t be able to taste the difference…and they won’t be complaining that they get sick either!


Eat well. Eat safe!

Gavin Buckett
Founder and Managing Director
The Gourmet Guardian Pty Ltd
P: 1800 FOOD SAFETY (1800 366 372)


BTW: I have included a few links below to recent newspaper articles. These links have been provided so that you have the ammunition you need to help convince your chef, that it is time to change… otherwise it might be time to change chefs… to protect your investment.