We are encouraging all Coffee roasters, cafés and coffee drinkers to come together and help people who are homeless through CafeSmart. The beautiful people from StreetSmart held the 4th annual CafeSmart event back in August. Many of you would have generously supported the event – coffee roasters by supplying beans and cafés by donating $1 of each coffee sold – to raise a record breaking $120,263.

StreetSmart will put these funds back into the community by providing emergency aid in the form of food and shelter, organizing projects that promote social inclusion, empowerment and sustainable change for some of our disadvantaged neighbours.

CafeSmart is looking for people and organisations who may be interested in helping build the event and increase its community impact in 2015. We encourage all COBAA members to contact Adam Robinson – CEO of StreetSmart Australia – and get behind this fantastic cause.

Café industry can change the community for the better!

Follow StreetSmart and CafeSmart on the website www.streetsmartaustralia.org/cafesmart
Facebook: facebook.com/StreetSmartAustralia
Twitter: @StreetSmartAust Instagram: @StreetSmartAust

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