aunched in February 2014, COBAA (Café Owner’s & Barista’s Association) is the industry body that represents the interests of independent cafes and franchised cafes throughout Australia.

The Association is a vehicle for like-minded café business owners and coffee professionals that are seeking improved industry communication, focused small business cafe services as well as up to date café owner and barista news and information.

COBAA meets these industry needs via working directly with other associations, key café suppliers, distributors, franchise operators, café events, media and the financial services sector to provide Australian cafés with real benefits.

COBAA members can rely on the Association to provide current information on the trends and changes within the cafe industry and to represent their position in times of concern. The Association is currently devising a new set of business awareness services for cafes and baristas that will be offered to all sectors of the café industry.

COBAA Directorship subscribes to a Code of Ethics requiring them to uphold professional standards of representation and has many leading café figures that will assist in shaping the Australian café market in 2014.


To find out more about our Constitution, please click here to download the brochure.