A Competitor Steals your Business Idea & Sets up Next Door!

A Competitor Steals your Business Idea & Sets up Next Door!

A successful franchise selling desserts, chocolates and coffee is about to welcome a new arrival in their shopping strip. An independent operator has copied their business model and opened up less than 50 metres away. Should the franchise owner be concerned?

They should not worry. Sure the “upstart” has apparently copied them, but they have only copied the product range and to a certain extent the look and feel. What they have not copied is the “operating system” on which the franchised cafe runs. The franchise has a huge advantage. Here's why...

The franchise commissioned serious research to determine the viability of their business model for this particular location. Having made the decision to invest they protect their investment with additional research. They monitor Bean Hunter and they have a system for collecting customer feedback on comment cards. But there is a lot more to it.

The franchise has a secret. They use mystery shoppers to make sure that their business model is being executed to a satisfactory standard. Mystery shoppers are anonymous customers who show up at any time and observe how the cafe is running. They check service times, food quality, coffee quality, staff attitudes, selling skills and cleanliness. What they are doing is checking that the cafe's “operating system” is actually delivering what customers want.
Problems are addressed and profits improve.

The upstart independent has shown initiative in copying a proven concept, but they probably do not have an operating system finely-tuned by on-going research and mystery shopper feedback. The possibility of failure is higher for the independent. According to research conducted by Pulse Plus Research in 2013, the closure rate of cafés in Australia is an extraordinary 1 in 6, or about 17%. The closure rate of small business in general is reportedly 6%. Clearly the situation for independent cafés is alarming.

There has never been a research and mystery shopping service specifically customised for independent cafes. And never has there been a mystery shopping service provider with a passion for cafes and coffee. But now there is...

Shopping Science International is Australia's fastest growing specialist cafe mystery shopping company. Shopping Science supplies the feed back you need to make the changes that create more sales and reduce costs. The founder is Peter Rogers. He has been mystery shopping for 15 years and is a past NSW Barista Championship Judge. He starts every workday in a cafe (and at least one day a weekend) in a quest for that perfect cafe experience. To keep the calories down he gets a long black. But don't tell your staff to look out for customers who order a long black. It will not be Peter who does your mystery shopping – he will send one of his 17,000 cafe mystery shoppers.

Contact Peter on how you can get quality customer feedback that doesn't cost the earth.
Peter Rogers · peter.r@shoppingscience.com.au · 0400 44 2760


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