50% of your market Dollars are not working!

50% of your market Dollars are not working!

Stock Box has just delivered it's first box into the convenience channel with some amazing results.

Out of 732 product box drops to independent operators during November, we received an unprecedented 670 member feedback reports which delivered a 91.5% response rate. This is what members are saying:

“I was very impressed with Stock Box, as it lets businesses know about new products that are on the market.” Karen Crawford

“I wouldn't change anything! This is a great idea, with new products I hadn't heard of before, that I can now access from my suppliers.” Jann Boer

“It was nice being introduced to new products. Not all reps bring in samples, so with Stock Box I can sample products and be up to-date.” Angela Boubaris

From our survey results we now know that on average:

91.3% of members did not range the products in the box and

48.6% of members were not aware of these products and their availability

The next Stock Box for convenience will go out in March and for Newsagents in April, so click on the link below and let us talk to you about how we can help your business grow in 2015.

Get your product in the hands of decision makers!

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